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Poetry Contest

The judges’ selections from the Greenwich Pen Women national poetry contest are published in a beautiful silk-covered book with illustrations by some of our branch artists.

Women’s Voices of the 21st Century: Events That Shape Women

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Poetry Contest Winners and Finalists Announced:

Our own Leigh Grant was awarded first prize in Greenwich Pen Women’s poetry contest for her poem “The Place that You Found”. NLAPW members in 30 branches submitted 178 poems. Judges for the contest were Carla Wallach, Op-Ed writer for the New York Times, Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman and Professor Marion White, M.F.A.. Second prizes winners were Marybeth Weston, a member of our branch and Betty Prisendorf. Third prizes went to Josephine Darner and Fletcher Shepp. The poems will appear in Women’s Voices of the 21st Century: Experiences that Shape Women’s Lives, along with line drawings by members of Greenwich Pen Women artists. The book will be published later this spring.

Contest finalists include:



Sorority Judy Crystal
Apartment 20M Judy Crystal
White Nancy Burke
Haircutting Dorothy Fletcher
Amputation Ariel Smart
Roughing It Ariel Smart
Cooking Lesson Dorothy Kamm
Dancing with my Mother Jean P. Moore
Telephone Blues Marcia Hamilton
My Life Lee Paine
Phantom Josephine Darner
The Pond Josephine Darner
Ode to Three to Eleven Arlene Mark
A Sunny Day in Kabul Dotti Reiss
From the Past I Come Sheila Phelan Wright
Mantra for Crones Mimi Aloia
Eighty Virginia Hagen
Surfacing Christina Laurie




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