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Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Recent Events

Note from our President:

Deb surrounded by family this Easter

Your kindness to me during the past few weeks has been a blessing. When I am with my Pen Women, I feel calm and hopeful for the future. Many of our members have said that this is the most caring and supportive organization they have ever been in; I certainly agree! Thank you for your amazing support.

Mine has not been the only loss. As many of you may already know, member Sarah Darer Littman recently lost her mother, Susan Darer, also a Pen Woman. Sarah wishes to thank the Pen Women for the very kind and warm thoughts she has received. Sarah has written a blog post about her mother, focusing on two paragraphs she found in a memoir her mother was writing. Here is the link:

In keeping with the flowering season, many of our Pen Women are blooming this month and last. On April 12, the concert, ”Pen Women Musical Perspectives,” was performed. Four Greenwich Pen Women were featured with either their original work or something chosen specifically for the concert at the Greenwich Arts Center. Margaret Mills opened the program at the piano with “Four Preludes” by Ruth Crawford, a woman composer. Julie Dolphin, accompanied by Claudia Dumschat, sang “Settings of Federico Garcia Lorca Poetry,” which she explained before she sang. Then a quartet composed of Julie Dolphin, Kathryn Mensendiek, Joe Redd and Bill Gross sang a song entitled "Common Bill." Next on the program was an original song from poetry by Marie Schwartz written by Claudia Dumschat and sung by Julie Dolphin, Kathryn Mensendiek, Joe Redd and Bill Gross. The last Pen Woman to perform was Joyce DiCamillo with her trio, Joe Sinaguglia, bass and Willie Bruno, drums. Joyce played a new composition: “Hope Springs.” It was a lovely concert and great credit goes to Claudia Dumschat, who put it all together.

Claudia Dumschat

Julie Dolphin, Joyce DiCamillo, Margaret Mills

left to right: Joe Redd, tenor; Claudia; Bill Gross, bass-baritone; Julie Dolphin; Kathryn Mensendiek, alto;
Joyce; Margaret; Joe Sinaguglia, bassist; and drummer, Willie Bruno

Photo credit: Kathy DiGiovanna

More than twenty Pen Women came to Mirella Hajjar's home on April 16 to hear Anita Keire speak about the process of writing her book, Resurrection Dialogues with Skeptics and Believers. Anitia’s book reflects the many different perspectives on Jewish and Christian beliefs on resurrection from pre-modern to post-modern times. To lay out these perspectives, she adapts Plato’s device of a philosophic dialogue by creating six characters representing a range of views, Catholic, Protestant, atheist, Jewish. She then engages the seven in conversation on their views of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Her book is available in the Christ Church Bookstore and on Amazon. (Feel free to leave outrageously positive reviews on Amazon.) During the course of the evening, Anita expressed her appreciation for all the help she has received from her sister Pen Women. Additionally, she kept her audience engaged with her story of the many steps taken in her journey to publication.

Anita at her book launch

Roberta Seret and Ginger Heller
with their copies of Anita’s book

Marie Amoruso and Mirella Hajjar
also with copies

Photo credit: Kathy DiGiovanna

Pippa Leigh
Spotlight On:
Pippa Leigh


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